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Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation services can help with improvement of physical and psychological functions executed by experienced professionals to help with short term injuries with a goal of restoring an individual’s independence.

Types of Rehabilitation Services

Physical therapy-Is one the most common therapies that comes to mind when there an accident occur. A fractured shoulder, broken leg etc. needs this kind of treatment to restore proper range of motion, and flexibility.

Occupational therapy- Focuses on fine tuning of motor skills. This therapy is similar to physical therapy and used mainly in cases where individual activities of daily living are interrupted by an injury which requires adaptive equipment at home.

Speech and Language therapy- A speech Pathologist assesses and treats speech, language and swallowing disorders. This therapy is designed to assist with voice disorders, apraxia, dysapraxia, dysphagia, aphasia, etc.

Most of these services provided by trained individuals. Please refer to Nursing Homes close to our Community. You can also contact us to obtain further information if you believe your loved one is in a need of one of the type of therapies. Potomac Seniors Village can also arrange for our Residents to receive therapies on site.