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Wellness comes from freedom, comfort, and small memories gathered in a lifetime.  Because we are a group-home based community many of our residents feel that they are still living at home.  Our staff is always available to meet scheduled or unscheduled needs.  Unlike institutionalized communities, our staff is always available to assist.  Potomac Seniors Village takes pride in providing personalized service 24-hours day.  Since our staff generally goes through intensive 3 day / night training, they become attune to unique desires and requirements of each resident.  Wellness of our resident is positively correlated with general welfare of our staff.  Thus, we allow staff to opt out days they have obligation and provide flexible schedule for them to balance life and work.  Our staff earns extra bonus monthly for no complaints by residents or their family members.  Our staff members engage them into joining one-on-one activities and taking them to morning and afternoon strolls.  They read them books, play board games, and provide snacks.  By providing consistent, continuous, and systematic care our wellness philosophy ripens into results.