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Financial distress can cause adverse health impacts.   Thus, cost is related to wellness of our residents and their family members.  If the cost is too high it can result in: (1) resident moving into another location once the funds are depleted, (2) causes family strains, or (3) reduce the allocation of funds necessary for urgent medical needs.  Thus, we create a budget and in a monthly lump  payment with no hidden costs families can predict and anticipate how much would it cost each month on average.  Because we do not charge based on level of care, unless in exigent circumstances where it is insufficient for us to provide a level of care necessary for the resident, the families budget for a long-term continuous care of their love one.  By keeping the cost cheaper than living at home, we are able to provide better care for a resident then they can for themselves than living at home. For more information please read our fees.