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Atmosphere or environment relegates to 3 components: (a) Personalization, (b) Physical Attributes, and (c) Right fit.

    1. Personalization: Each elderly is different. They require different care, desire different meals, and have unique physical attributes. Thus, it is extremely necessary that a resident is not another number.  Each resident must be handled appropriately to their physic and how they are most comfortable with.  Thus, it is extremely important to get to know them and become familiar with their desire.  Unlike bigger institutionalized communities where staff is rotated more frequently and retention rate of the staff is extremely low, Potomac Seniors Village takes pride in not only providing, consistent, continuous, and systematic care but by consistently, continuously, and systematically from same individuals.   Just like any individual elders also develop a comfort level with routine staff members.  Thus, they feel comfortable and can trust that staff member to cater to their unique needs.  Food, in particular, has to be cooked for palate.  And only by becoming familiar with their style of taste systematically and continuously the elder can feel just as they are living at home. 

    2. Physical Attributes: Just as important as personalization, physical attributes of an assisted living is important.  Unless, the resident can feel the same comfort of home they cannot build memories of lifetime.  Potomac Seniors Village is nestled in 7 acre of property.  In lavish green lawn covered with the shadows of old cedar, maple, and pine trees creates a serene view of a pleasant experience embedded in one’s memory.  Each home either has a patio, deck, or a sunroom to allow them to safely enjoy daylight and wildlife on our property.  Living in a resort style setting but in a home-like environment creates a subtle ambiance of country setting.  Each home is unique.  Some provide lavish style setting and others more spacious rooms with private living room.  Each home is equipped to provide comfort and security that each resident requires.  In all our communities floor plans are easy to follow, doorways, hallways, and rooms accommodate wheelchairs and walkers.  

    3. Right Fit: Finding a community that best resembles a personality of an elder is a most important factor.  Potomac Seniors Village does not accept anyone that the management feels is not a good fit for the community.   In majority of the cases, families are shopping for hotel style setting then a place that provides personalized care.  They are seeking grand activity program, in which, majority of the elders cannot or will not participate.  Many elders have anxiety in large group setting, hesitant to join because they cannot understand the activities, or they may be more comfortable in one-on-one activities, such as board games, morning and afternoon strolls, and card games.  It is extremely important to understand what your love one can and cannot do. 

In a recent research conducted by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College confirms that if seniors are provided a sense of belonging and freedom they adapt well to transition and a change in residence.  Therefore, each resident must feel that they are living just as they were living at home. 

At Potomac Seniors Village, our personalized care is specific to each resident’s unique needs.  In our experience, residents do not engage in elaborate games or activities.  What we have found is that monthly music program, one-on-one activity, reading a book, taking them to a shopping mall, zoo, library, and Starbucks is more engaging and stimulating then conducting elaborate activities.   Additionally, an expense of institutionalized community is a lot more expensive than Potomac Seniors Village.  We recommend that families should save the expense of large scale activities that their love ones cannot enjoy, and utilize those funds in obtaining a companion or spending on on-site beautician, physical therapies, on-site nail or massage service.