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Wellness Philosophy

Atmosphere or environment relegates to 3 components: (a) Personalization, (b) Physical Attributes, and (c) Right fit.

    1. Personalization: Each elderly is different. They require different care, desire different meals, and have unique physical attributes. Thus, it is extremely necessary that a resident is not another number.  Each resident must be handled appropriately to their physic and how they are most comfortable with.  Thus, it is extremely important to get to know them and become familiar with their desire.  Unlike bigger institutionalized communities where staff is rotated more frequently and retention rate of the staff is extremely low, Potomac Seniors Village takes pride in not only providing, consistent, continuous, and systematic care but by consistently, continuously, and systematically from same individuals.   Just like any individual elders also develop a comfort level with routine staff members.  Thus, they feel comfortable and can trust that staff member to cater to their unique needs.  Food, in particular, has to be cooked for palate.  And only by becoming familiar with their style of taste systematically and continuously the elder can feel just as they are living at home. 


Financial distress can cause adverse health impacts.   Thus, cost is related to wellness of our residents and their family members.  If the cost is too high it can result in: (1) resident moving into another location once the funds are depleted, (2) causes family strains, or (3) reduce the allocation of funds necessary for urgent medical needs. 


Wellness comes from freedom, comfort, and small memories gathered in a lifetime.  Because we are a group-home based community many of our residents feel that they are still living at home.  Our staff is always available to meet scheduled or unscheduled needs.  Unlike institutionalized communities, our staff is always available to assist.  Potomac Seniors Village takes pride in providing personalized service 24-hours day.