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Joy of assisted living and the freedom to move around just as our residents have done in their homes is made possible by the friendly and personalize nature of our staff members.  Because assisted living community is not a hotel, but a place where residents receive daily care, the staff must be courteous, professional, experienced, and sensitive.  Because every assisted living provider strives to establish itself as a community – it can be made only by a perfect mix of staff, management, and ownership.  Just like a resident who must fit into an ambiance and lifestyle of a community, a staff member must also be able to match the quality of service required by residents.

Potomac Seniors Village takes pride in zero tolerance of disrespect, insensitivity, and unprofessional attitude.  We provide our staff an extra bonus each month based on two criteria: (1) No complaints by our resident’s or their family members; and (2) acting as a team player.*  We also understand that caring for elders is very emotionally draining and takes a physical toll.  Thus, we provide flexible schedule, vacation time, and we work the staff to create their own schedule allowing them to balance life with work.  Because staff is an essential component of an affable community, staff’s well-being is directly correlated with the health of our residents.

All of our staff is licensed by appropriate agencies, such as, the State of Maryland Board of Nursing.   All of our staff goes through on-hand 3 day training under a supervision of an Assisted Living Manager and an experienced Certified Nursing Assistant.

Our trained nursing staff is available for our residents’ leisure and security 24 hours a day.  On every stage as resident’s health will change and it will require more personalized assistance with the activities of daily living our carefully selected and trained staff will be available to cater to your age-appropriate and stimulating activities.  We are one of the few facilities that provide 2 to 1 resident to staff ratio.*  Whether you are in a dementia care unit or any other of our communities our staff will make all the difference of living like you are at home.