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In order for any organization to succeed it must be equipped with intelligent and motivated human resources. A healthy environment in a long-term care community is cultivated by positive and enthusiastic individuals. 

Potomac Seniors Village is proud to have a skilled team consisting of a Marketing Director, Community Managers, Director, and the owner. Through a goal-oriented approach, the management provides excellent consistent, continuous, and progressive care.  Our approach is simple: be courteous, sensitive, and professional.  

The management frequently meets to identify and resolve problems, share and communicate concerns of residents and their family members, and establish plans ensuring continuity of good care. The team’s phone numbers, including the owner’s is given to family members so they can communicate their concerns to solve any problems promptly. 

Our management works closely in planning the move and setting up the new environment for the residents. Because we feel that transition is not only very difficult for seniors but it is an emotional process, we work with family members to make it most comfortable. Our team is dedicated to work closely with all family members to create a home-style environment fit for its residents.

Our team provides exceptionally high standards of care. For example, in the 2010 twin blizzards, where over 100,000 people lost electricity in Montgomery County, Potomac Seniors Village was also affected by the winter storm. After losing power and becoming buried under four feet of snow on our 7 acre property was inaccessible to emergency vehicles. Our entire team worked collectively to transfer the residents to our other community (from our Cedar Home to Willow Home). The team worked with the National Guard, Pepco, the Fire Department, the Hospital, Department of Transportation, and the Police Department to transport all residents safely. The National Guards had dedicated two Humvees and arranged a commercial tractor, snow-plow truck, and an ambulance. During the seven hours of treacherous weather conditions, our dedicated team provided a safe-haven to our residents from the bitter cold weather. Potomac Seniors Village is thankful to persons of the National Guard, Fire Department, and Paramedics, for assisting our residents to safety.