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Cost of Potomac Seniors Village

Families generally overlook the quality of life and focus more into bells and whistles of a community. We have been focused on providing individualized, budgeted, and predictable expenses for families to continue to support their love ones. So far, we have a single lump sum payment plan that provides stable monthly payments that so that families never have to move due to budgetary constraints. Our approach to providing care helps enhance the resident experience as well as boost a community’s marketability.

Potomac Seniors Village room rate program allows the residents to choose from a large to small bedroom. Our rate structure anticipates that either a job loss may occur or the savings will diminish if the fees are higher, thus forcing transfers of our residents to a more affordable residences or alternative care. Potomac Seniors Village’s rate program has a consistent monthly budget. From any of our two communities we can transfer a resident from a smaller to a bigger room or from one community to another based on their rate of return on investment and savings and financial situation of each family. There is no need to switch communities. Additionally, our rates are competitive and much lower than any of our competing assisted living providers close to our proximity