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Expense of Living at an Assisted Living and What does it Include?

An assisted living community should include everything in one predictable payment. The following services should be provided within the monthly fee: 24 hours on-site supervision, a furnished, private bedroom or semi-private bedroom which includes a bed, bedside table, lamp, chair, dresser, bed linens, towels

 , washcloths, housekeeping

 , three nutritious meals

 and snacks, laundry, assistance

 with activities of daily living( e.g. bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting, eating), assistance with access to healthcare, social services, social activities, and physical assistance to residents, and administration of medications. Generally, the following items are not included in the monthly fee and are paid for by Resident or other third party: doctors visits, prescription medication, over the counter medication, all medical and nursing supplies used by Resident, personal items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream, lotions, powders, combs, shampoo, deodorants, hair dresser service and physical, occupational or speech therapy. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Maryland law requires a physical assessment conducted by a physician and a delegating nurse along with an assisted living manager. Many communities charge based on the results from these physical assessments and according to level of care[1] required by a resident. In these circumstances some communities initially charge less and assess a resident to category 1 or 2 to allure them into the community by disclosing a cheaper rate for that level of care. However, some communities may eventually escalate a level of care required by that resident to increase the cost and expenses for the families. Potomac Seniors Village has not been charging based on level of care because we understand that elderly will suffer from health deterioration overtime, thus the families will not be able to budget and determine the cost of leaving their love one at our community. We work families very closely to determine a budget for the whole year that is predictable and individualized so there is no sticker shock at the end. In past when we increased the cost for our residents was either due to severe health changes or according to inflation.   

[1] Level of Care is broken into 1 through 3. 3 is the highest level of care that an assisted living community can provide. The level of care is assessed through physical and mental evaluations and it is used to establish a care plan specific to each resident.