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Cost of Living at an Assisted Living or Home

It is also important to understand that living at an assisted living community is financially equal to living at home or cheaper. If an elderly require assistance is bathing, toileting, medication assistance, and preparing food an at home care assistant is needed. Additionally, the expenses of utilities, food, mortgage/rent, and miscellaneous (trash removal, repairs, maintenance, social activities, telephone and cable) exceeds the cost of living at home than at a reasonably priced assisted living community that will enhance quality of life.

Expense of Living at an Assisted Living and What does it Include?

An assisted living community should include everything in one predictable payment. The following services should be provided within the monthly fee: 24 hours on-site supervision, a furnished, private bedroom or semi-private bedroom which includes a bed, bedside table, lamp, chair, dresser, bed linens, towels

Cost of Potomac Seniors Village

Families generally overlook the quality of life and focus more into bells and whistles of a community. We have been focused on providing individualized, budgeted, and predictable expenses for families to continue to support their love ones. So far, we have a single lump sum payment plan that provides stable monthly payments that so that families

Things you should look For When Determining Cost? Budgeting!!!

Generally, families overlook quality of life and focus more on bells and whistles of a community.

First, assisted living is not supposed to be a hotel. Assisted living ambiance is an important factor but not a sole factor in making your decision. The critical component

Questions You Should Ask Before Moving Your Love One into an Assisted Living?
What is the cap of assisted living expense in a year?
Whether a telephone, cable, extra laundry will cost more?
How long of a notice is required to terminate the Agreement?